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Apple promotes British designer Jony Ive to chief design officer, according to reports.

Tuesday 26th of May 2015 12:58:31 AM →

Phone provider O2 says its service is "back to normal" after customers complained of problems with reception in several parts of the UK.

Monday 25th of May 2015 11:53:07 PM →

A team which recreates popular films as 8-bit video games is attracting millions of views on YouTube.

Monday 25th of May 2015 09:49:35 AM →

Amazon, the global online retailer, is changing the way it records European sales in a move that could see it paying more tax.

Tuesday 26th of May 2015 01:26:47 AM →

A family whose image was used in a poster campaign by the group opposing gay marriage in the Republic of Ireland say they were "naive" about stock photography websites.

Monday 25th of May 2015 04:55:59 AM →

In what will be its greatest challenge yet, the zero-fuel aeroplane Solar Impulse will soon try to fly non-stop from China to Hawaii - a journey of more than 8,000km across the Pacific Ocean.

Monday 25th of May 2015 01:44:46 AM →

Ofcom says that changes to the billing structure of 08, 09 and 118 numbers will lead to cheaper calls for consumers.

Monday 25th of May 2015 08:19:30 AM →

A patent reveals that Google has looked into making internet-connected toys that would link up to its servers to control smart devices in the home.

Friday 22nd of May 2015 05:37:09 AM →

Nigeria's fuel wholesalers say they have reached a deal with the government that should soon see the end of the crippling fuel crisis.

Monday 25th of May 2015 08:39:06 AM →

The UK government has started selling off big chunks of internet addresses that it no longer uses.

Friday 22nd of May 2015 04:33:53 AM →

A hacker reporting a security hole in Starbucks' website criticises the company's handling of the matter.

Saturday 23rd of May 2015 03:25:18 AM →

A first-of-its-kind lighting system has been installed at a supermarket that tells an app where shoppers are standing and which way they are facing.

Friday 22nd of May 2015 06:58:00 AM →

A man from Canada breaks the world record for the furthest hoverboard flight.

Sunday 24th of May 2015 04:51:48 AM →

You'll have to wait until 2016, but you will be able to tell your friends you feel sick with one simple picture.

Friday 22nd of May 2015 03:37:50 AM →

The game where the player controls a virtual spy in real time using just their Apple Watch

Friday 15th of May 2015 03:45:16 AM →

The tech to help houses stand up to a major earthquake

Thursday 14th of May 2015 04:10:47 PM →

A start-up is developing a watch strap that contains a tiny camera, which takes a photo of a users' veins from their wrist to identify them.

Monday 25th of May 2015 12:26:30 AM →

The planned flight of the sun powered plane, Solar Impulse 2, has been postponed.

Monday 25th of May 2015 04:00:45 PM →

A jet-powered bike has been tested at Pendine Sands in Wales in preparation for a land speed world record.

Monday 25th of May 2015 10:04:54 AM →

Wikipedia co-founder Jimmy Wales tells Radio 4's Desert Island Discs he should surround himself with more pessimistic people.

Sunday 24th of May 2015 03:24:57 PM →

How a news network is bringing news to India's Adivasi tribespeople

Friday 22nd of May 2015 06:49:29 AM →

BBC Click's Jen Copestake looks at some of the best of the week's technology news

Thursday 21st of May 2015 04:04:41 PM →

As the London 3D Print Show rolls into town, the BBC's Theo Leggett offers a whistle-stop tour to assess the industry.

Friday 22nd of May 2015 04:28:18 AM →

A virtual reality start-up has developed an "immersive" online shopping experience that it hopes the major retailers will adopt.

Wednesday 20th of May 2015 04:04:47 PM →

Is the lorry driver of the future a piece of software?

Monday 25th of May 2015 04:03:33 PM →