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Tensions emerge ahead of a meeting being held in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to discuss changes to the way the internet is governed.

Wednesday 23rd of April 2014 02:20:02 AM →

Google is refunding people who bought a fake anti-virus app through its Google Play store.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 10:09:06 AM →

The founder of Russian social network VKontakte says he has been fired and that his site has been taken over by allies of President Putin.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 08:46:46 AM →

Airbnb, the website that lets people rent their homes to holidaymakers, is to appear at the Supreme Court in New York.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 04:25:07 AM →

Hitachi says it will install a lift capable of reaching speeds of 72km/h (45mph) into a skyscraper in Guangzhou, southern China.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 05:50:46 AM →

Reddit downgrades the status of its technology section after it emerges that many popular terms had been banned from its headlines.

Monday 21st of April 2014 07:59:49 AM →

One of the biggest sports file-sharing sites closes down after a UK police force warns its operators that they could face jail.

Monday 21st of April 2014 07:51:52 AM →

Internet streaming video service Netflix reports profits of $53m during the first quarter, and says it will soon increase subscription prices.

Monday 21st of April 2014 02:08:19 PM →

The East Yorkshire aircraft factory which used to make Hawk trainer jets is now developing high technology projects.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 09:25:57 AM →

Facebook's highest-ranked woman says women need to take action to create a more equal world.

Monday 21st of April 2014 11:58:38 PM →

Avengers director Joss Whedon surprises fans by releasing his latest film online on the same night as its US premiere.

Monday 21st of April 2014 04:24:18 AM →

US company SpaceX launches its latest re-supply mission to the International Space Station, sending up a Dragon freighter to rendezvous with the orbiting platform on Sunday.

Friday 18th of April 2014 03:06:02 PM →

In an open letter to Google's Eric Schmidt the boss of German publishing firm Axel Springer says it is afraid of the search giant.

Thursday 17th of April 2014 06:20:24 AM →

Online social media is being misused to insult, intimidate and smear staff in schools, says a teachers' union.

Monday 21st of April 2014 08:30:34 AM →

Taxpayers' personal financial data could be shared with private firms and researchers, Revenue & Customs says, despite concerns over privacy and security.

Saturday 19th of April 2014 12:50:05 AM →

Kim Dotcom, the multimillionaire founder of closed file-sharing site Megaupload, has won back cars, cash and property seized in a January 2012 raid.

Thursday 17th of April 2014 05:11:17 AM →

A Japanese researcher creates glasses that show computer-generated eyes that express emotions so that the wearer does not need to bother.

Wednesday 16th of April 2014 04:00:27 PM →

Scientists have outlined how they managed to make the wonder material graphene using a kitchen blender.

Tuesday 22nd of April 2014 06:03:27 AM →

LJ Rich visits Music Tech Fest's 24hr hackathon where people come together to collaboratively create new instruments and sounds.

Saturday 19th of April 2014 04:21:38 PM →

Spencer Kelly tests out Mogees- a device linked to your smartphone which turns objects into musical instruments.

Thursday 17th of April 2014 08:23:50 AM →