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Fossils found in rock from beneath the sea may be the oldest known fungi by one to two billion years.

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:59:22 PM →

Scientists publish a new atlas of the poles, detailing the sometimes strange shapes on the ocean floor.

Tuesday 25th of April 2017 04:42:25 AM →

A caterpillar that munches on plastic bags could hold the key to tackling plastic waste, say scientists.

Monday 24th of April 2017 11:06:46 AM →

A new theory may explain the background to one of the most famous works of art ever produced.

Monday 24th of April 2017 07:37:14 AM →

Academic staff from EU countries should be urgently guaranteed a right to stay, say MPs.

Monday 24th of April 2017 04:54:45 PM →

A start-up company is persuading local councils in the UK to turn local plastic waste into roads.

Monday 24th of April 2017 05:11:20 PM →

Roadsides are often littered with rubbish and weeds but they are havens for rare flowers.

Sunday 23rd of April 2017 04:50:54 PM →

The UK government may face legal action after seeking to delay publishing its plan to tackle air pollution until after the general election.

Monday 24th of April 2017 09:52:46 AM →

An ex-child soldier who has spent years risking his life to fight illegal mining and wildlife poaching in the Democratic Republic of Congo has been given a prestigious award that honours 'environmental defenders' around the world.

Sunday 23rd of April 2017 08:50:59 PM →

Thousands of scientists demonstrate in cities around the world against an "assault on facts".

Saturday 22nd of April 2017 02:51:27 PM →

The Cassini satellite puts itself on a trajectory that will take it to destruction in September.

Saturday 22nd of April 2017 01:59:29 AM →