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Both are as ecologically useful, say scientists, and the same effort must be made to protect them.

Tuesday 18th of September 2018 05:03:45 PM →

It may help stop the animal's rapid and destructive march across Australia, researchers say.

Wednesday 19th of September 2018 08:21:13 PM →

A British satellite successfully deploys a net in orbit to demonstrate how to capture space debris.

Tuesday 18th of September 2018 05:04:05 PM →

The first private passenger to fly around the Moon with SpaceX will be a Japanese billionaire.

Tuesday 18th of September 2018 01:57:41 AM →

UK engineers finish building a satellite that will carry cameras closer to the Sun than ever before.

Monday 17th of September 2018 06:19:22 PM →

The all-British NovaSAR spacecraft will monitor big stretches of ocean for suspicious shipping activity.

Sunday 16th of September 2018 10:43:33 AM →

The iconic cactus plant is veering into trouble say researchers.

Friday 14th of September 2018 04:14:20 PM →

The US space agency launches a laser into orbit to assess the impact of climate change on the poles.

Saturday 15th of September 2018 06:46:08 AM →

Researchers believe they have found the world's oldest brewery in a prehistoric cave in Israel.

Saturday 15th of September 2018 06:51:09 AM →

Scientists say that high-yield farming may be the best way to meet demand for food while conserving biodiversity.

Friday 14th of September 2018 08:58:45 AM →

Twenty-seven leading cities see their greenhouse gas emissions peak and decline over the past five years.

Friday 14th of September 2018 04:04:20 AM →

It's a scream: Riding on some types of roller-coaster is an effective way of removing kidney stones.

Thursday 13th of September 2018 05:04:02 PM →